Praise for The Sleeper

"The experimental piece is performed by a cast of three with Sarah Agha’s Amena emerging as the strongest personality. Proud, independent and not afraid to stand up for herself - the play is all the richer for it.” The Blog of Theatre Things, Liz Dyer

“The shining light is Agha’s strong portrayal of the refugee. She seizes the narrative for herself. Even at one point totally smashing down the fourth wall, stopping the action and stepping out of character." Spy in the Stalls, Jonathan Evans

"This battle is achieved brilliantly thanks to the performance of Sarah Agha as Amena." 

Harry Rosehill, The Londonist

"Sarah Agha brings wonderful power to her role. A refugee who is angry; frustrated by her predicament and by our overly-simplistic understanding of her narrative." 

Joshua Metter, Theatre Box

Television Interview about Deadly Dialogues, London Live

Praise for Deadly Dialogues

"Masters of accents and playing dual roles, the cast are impressive in their ability to switch between characters."

Chloe St George, Reviews Hub

"The multi-rolling actors lifted the performance to ingenious levels. The physical elements were executed to perfection, the performers’ bodies remaining stable and graceful through lifts, falls and fights." 
Yasmin Duggal, Broadway Baby

'Most Promising Actor', Cinemagic Film and TV Awards


The Stage Newspaper, Operation Magic Carpet

Praise for Operation Magic Carpet

“Sarah Agha gives us a feisty performance as Nomi, a girl who is not afraid of taking on the trickster Sinbad. She shows real girl power as she fights him with swords and snakes in the course of her big adventure.” 

Judy Conveys, Essential Surrey

"There is strong, versatile ensemble work and at the heart of the action Sarah Agha as the adventurous child performs with a mixture of innocence and determination." 

Susan Elkin, The Stage

EE BAFTA Film Awards 2019


Virgin TV BAFTA Awards 2019


Praise for Into The Badlands

"As usual the fight choreography was impeccable, in fact it appeared a lot more visceral and threatening, as seen in the encounter between Ally Ioannides and Sarah Agha, who portrayed one of Tilda’s lieutenants. There was plenty of rage to go around and they made effective use of it in close combat."

Project Fandom

Television Interview, RTE

Still from UTV's documentary about A Christmas Star


Interview for NYFA's "Emerging Brits"

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