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Voiceover Credits


Most recently Sarah narrated the BBC Radio 4 'Book of The Week' reading Zaynab's story in Malala's new book 'We Are Displaced.' She also performed as Marina Golbahari in 'Love Is Not New in This Country' for BBC Radio 3.

Sarah narrated the audiobook for 'The Missing Twin' published by Killer Reads/Harper Collins. Click here to order on Amazon!

In gaming, she voiced Queen Nefertiti in video game 'Rebel Queen' for Sky VR and performed as the lead role, Samantha, in Sky VR project 'Memory Cloud'. Sarah also worked with Blacknorth TV in Belfast doing voiceover for BBC Bitesize videos and she recorded as the voice on a new app for the Ineqe Group. 

Sarah is very excited to be performing as the lead role of 'Keli' in the new video game 'Before the Blood' by Enter Yes soon. For more details and trailer : www.beforetheblood.com

Commercial Demo Reel - Sarah Agha
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Accent Reel - Sarah Agha
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Arabic Sample - Sarah Agha
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Audiobook Demo (The Pretenders) - Sarah Agha
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For more voiceover samples and tapes Sarah's Soundcloud can be found here:


For bookings please contact Michele Daeche at The Voice Agency